Saturday, September 22, 2007

Signs of Autumn

Raindrops on the river at Bubbles Beach with Yellowjacket in the distance. (Click on the photo for the giant version where the raindrops are clearly visible)

Since today is the first day of hunting season, this sign seems an appropriate symbol.

And nothing says Fall like flaming foliage. In this case it's poison oak, but there are lots of lovely textures in this slideshow from the walk we took this afternoon in the rain.

Autumn walk

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wildlife in our yard.

Recently we learned about the "Wildview" infrared, motion detecting camera. So of course we had to have one!
These photos were shot this morning (note time stamp) on the first day of deer hunting season.

We hope these young lovelies will have the good sense to hang around our yard and not wander off into the forest where all the Elmer Fudds are.

We know they're girls and not fair game, but...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Arrived yesterday in the wings of these bright clouds. Today, a hit of rain, the first in a long long time.

Trailers Ho!

We headed off to the Eastern Sierra en caravan with Pat and Mike and their tiny teardrop trailer seen in this photo with the Mount Tom in the background. (Click this photo for the large version; it's well worth it.)

Our destination: The Millpond Music Festival in Bishop, a great gathering of bands across a wide musical spectrum. It's certainly one of the most dramatic settings for a concert we've ever encountered.

Here's a slideshow of our weekend and side adventures, including a trip to the newly "rewatered" Owens River.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It's my favorite season...when the Rabbitbrush blooms.

We just came back from the Eastern Sierra, where it's also blooming like crazy. And for those of us what thinks of Fall as a time of new beginnings, it's the perfect harbinger.

Last Saturday, we went to a jam session at Mike and Pat's house. Click the image below for a slide show!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Sliding Man 2007

It's the end of the summer season. It's Gary's 50th Birthday.
It's time for a party. And so the Adult-Slip-N-Slide was born.

For nearly a week the creators toiled, grading and building a course, using pony poop for the berm, laying out a ramp of more than 65 feet of plastic sheeting surrounded by indoor-outdoor carpet. At the bottom, a 14-foot whitewater raft filled with water for a landing pool.
Add soap for extra slip, and it's SLIDING MAN 2007.

Sliding Man 2007

Click the small pic and then hit the slideshow button for the full, slipperyfun experience!


The Green Frog greets us as we stop at the eponymous market.
At night, he doffs his neon hat.

Young ground squirrel worships.
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The piles of cumulous over the mountains in the afternoons provide nice contrast.

The lake has all but disappeared from Robinson Cove

Our observatory on the Wildlife Highway

Yellowjacket: always interesting

Saturday, September 01, 2007

We would fight them on the beaches but...

it's too damned hot.

Labor Day

The scene across the river

If you are wondering about the prolific posting, it is because it is FREEKING hot outside. The only sane place to be is under the AC.


Early morning on the 1st, we went outside to see what the Aurigid meteor shower would come up with. Some years it's minor, but there were predictions that this one might be quite dramatic -- perhaps hundreds of meteors per hour. Unfortunately, the moon was quite bright, so we only saw on the order of dozens. Still, it was a great show. Roberta saw a lot more than I did this time. Some of them left streaks which lasted a second or two. We sat out in our "corral" on reclining chairs and just enjoyed the sights (hoping that no bears would show up -- it's on what we call the Wildlife Highway.)

Night things.

Moonrise the night of the eclipse. We got up through the night to watch the moon go through its phases, turning
a rusty red at totality

A local bat decided to hang out on one of our windows so that we could see him (or her) extra close up.

Look at those marvelous little claws!
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Across the Deaths Valley

Then through the Panamint Valley

Coming down Townes Pass
Live is good at 55mph. You see a lot more...
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And then we were off...

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Three shots from the Wynn.

Seen leaving the garage after our usual Sunday poker session:

Fast construction

Fun car

Fantastic machines