Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Canyon Color

I took this picture out the window as we drove down the canyon to Bakersfield yesterday. It was just a little
later at the Costco parking lot that our usually well mannered Lexus manifested what turned out to be a major transmission problem. At least we made it to town...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Out the window


Kernville Nov 2007

Here's a slideshow of yesterday's snaps. The light is so wonderful
this time of year!

The Kern River in all it's autumnal glory.

(click for the giant version)

Then it's time to cross Death Valley

from Las Vegas to Kernville
Aileen takes a walk in the Panamint Valley.

World Market Center

Twice a year they open the furniture mart to the public.
There were amazing bargains, plenty of interesting stuff.

The buildings themselves, finished and under construction
are plenty interesting too...
World Market
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Night of 1001 Stars

Bambi, Josh and I went to the Hilton for a show.
We loved the cigarette girl who also sold flashing do-dads and earrings.
The production was a Harold Arlen Tribute, but
calling it "A Night of 1001 Stars" was perhaps hyperbole. The best by far was a vocal harmony group called "The Crooners"
And the sassy girl singer in the bustier was cute.

New Frontier Implosion

Two AM Tuesday morning, and it's time for the New Frontier to bite the dust. We rented a room on the 56th floor of the Wynn Hotel to watch the festivities.
Many just set up tailgate parties on the roof of the Wynn parking garage.

The photos don't do justice to the sensation of watching fireworks go off at eye level.
And them the big explosion that sent a massive cloud of concrete dust.

Richard Cheese

Sunday night, at the AJ's Steak House at Hard Rock, we saw the lounge-a-licious Mr. Cheese.


Here's he is doing "Gin and Juice", our favorite song.

Masters Dinner

A food and art extravaganza at a ballroom at Treasure Island.
Chefs from many major Strip restaurants showed off for the guests,

and each other.

the event was to raise money for scholarships fore future chefs.
They created a ten course meal for 200 people...the first item was a Tuna Martini. Yum!
The table was lovely, and so was the company.
We went with our friends John and Teri Daly. John was the MC. He's wearing Josh's fedora here.

Aileen and Dave

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At "Dance Charisma" on my birthday.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vintage Vegas

(click for giant version!)

This past Sunday, Josh, Bambi, Aileen and I went to see "Vintage Vegas" at the Orleans. It was a big, old-fashioned production "dedicated to the classic showgirls of Las Vegas". There were variety acts, song and dance routines, and even a bit of burlesque by Tempest Storm. But the highlight, of course, were the "girls" ranging in age from 45 to 92. The oldest had been a dancer in Minsky's Review, many of the others has posed in Donn Arden reviews. It was amazing to watch women who hadn't donned the feathers for many many years step right back into the routine.
New Album 11/6/07 3:12 PM
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Saturday, November 03, 2007