Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garage sale things.


We found these at a Siretta Street sale. Any ideas what they might be? As usual, click photo for more detail.

Memorial Day on the Kern

Click for the giant photo to see all the rafts and total cuteness of the Harris granddaughters.


Manzanita bug

  Another case of "what the heck is this?" We saw these larva-looking creatures attached to and eating manzanita leaves near the river.


  Busy spiders on the Bull Run trail.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A you-know-what in the grass

I wandered to the garden in the ravine this morning. The penstamon are blooming, and it's beginning to look quite lush. I bent down to pull a few weeds and came face to face with this guy...

Click this photo to get the full effect.

We made a few phone calls, and found there is a reptile rescue person in the Valley. His name is Buzz. Watch the slideshow to see him in action.
Buzz to the rescue

(Not for the snake squeemish, and you know who you are)

While we were away...

Our Desert Adventure

Behind us is Sandy Valley, ahead, the Kingston Wash and wilderness, the Excelsior Mine, and some great sights...
Click for the slide show!
We took the dirt roads home

Marty and Tim at Sandy Valley Ranch


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Hummingbirds at our door

One of three nests we can see out various doors. Momma hummer is in.

Phyllis McGuire

At the World Market event, I had a moment to visit with one of the most interesting women in Las Vegas.
The wikipedia article barely scratches the surface, but mentions Sugartime the HBO biopic. Click on this link for a bit more of the story , or also this review as a synopsis

The art of the building.

I love how the WMC building looks at dusk. Click for the full sized version.

Cars look especially lovely. Handsom Jag, eh?

A different angle

A view of the strip from the top of the World Market Center.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas

We went to the Nevada Heart Ball
With our friends John and Teri Daly

Garden Frenzy Time

We put the tomato in what we hope is a critter-proof spot.
New color
Tomatillo. Never grew one before...