Friday, August 24, 2007

Our new toy

Can you guess what it is?

Why, it's an AIRSTREAM Bambi!

Click the slideshow below for more pics!

Air Bambi

Interior shots to follow.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Josh gets to be on Antiques Roadshow!

Last Saturday, we lined up with hundreds of folks to have our treasures identified by the experts from PBS's "Antiques Roadshow"

I brought a "lava" cameo broach, and Josh brought the Woody Guthrie drawings, a gift from Guthrie to Josh's dad.

The appraisers pitch interesting items to the producers and that's how the segments end up on the show, and Josh ended up in makeup.

The appraiser asked Josh if he knew what a Guthrie
autograph was worth.

and then explained that with the drawings,
the value tripled.

The shows will air (in HD for the first time)
beginning in January. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Storm Chasing!

Thursday, just after we left the gym, we saw a huge pile of dark clouds building up to the west, so we headed up Charlston to Red Rock National Conservation Area just in time to see the washes roaring with rusty muddy water and the road closed by flooding.

Something like an inch of rain fell in 30 minutes, with even more in the mountains. The result was pouring down the canyons.

Search and Rescue looked for stranded hikers or cars stuck in the mud.

The water eventually runs into a large cache basin at the border of the park, and then down through the Las Vegas Wash.

Our Fabulous Dinner


Wednesday was our fifth anniversary and to celebrate, we dined at Restaurant Guy Savoy, perhaps one of the
most acclaimed restaurants anywhere. It was food as art.

Here's a slideshow:
Guy Savoy

And check out the website for Guy Savoy