Monday, May 26, 2008

Death Valley Views

Towne Pass.

As we prepare to head back to LV, here's a slide show
of some snaps across the Valley.
Death Valley Views

The Scene

Even though it was freezing cold, and the river had
dropped by half, the rafting folk made a constant parade

Most of the beach is back now

This silly young scrub jay entertained us with his antics.
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Heroic Sky

The wild Memorial Day weather moved out on Monday. There was wind, rain and even snow at 6000ft. But this afternoon the sky was just plain beautiful. Click the photo for the giant version.

Fritzi's not feeling good

She's been listless and tired, perhaps from antibiotics
or maybe something else, so we sit and watch over
her. Hence all the sudden blogging...

Dave attempts surfing on the Kern

He brought his surfboard, wetsuit and a hank of rope, which he tied to the tree. He almost made it standing up...

On this particular day, the river was flowing at near it's peak of 3000 cfs.

King Snake!

And off he goes!
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Our Raft Ride

Rick and friends showed up on our beach with his new oar boat and off we went down the river!
Our raft ride

Birthday gift

A lovely evening out, and a new glass bowl by our artist friend
Sara Teed

Weird May Weather

We had dinner at Ewings for Josh's birthday and watched the storm approach.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meet Fritzi

She's a ten-week-old German Shepard puppy and a love. She came from the Grewe Training Center in Tehachapi.