Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thanksgiving in December

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with our friends a couple weeks late. No traveling on that most traveled of holidays...

Ron had planned a clambake, but the clams from James Store seemed more like bait than bakers, so it was a shrimp appetizer instead. Judy mashed up potatoes, Kim made dressing, Tysun marshaled the brussels sprouts, Susie baked up broccoli.

April made green bean/mushroom soup/fried onion casserole in celebration of our roots and Mike and Pat composed a salad. I baked a turkey to golden perfection, Terry carved it like a pro. Deb baked a chocolate flourless "Roberta Cake" that was too marvelous for words.

We washed it all down with the wonderful no name Siraz made by Marrianne's friends and after dinner, the musicians among us filled the house with pickin' and singin'. A perfect evening!

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