Thursday, June 07, 2007

My nephew Max

This is from Peter.

Last week we got a letter from Max's school, notifying us that we should attend the Albert Leonard Middle School Awards Ceremony, as Max was going to be recognized.

The first awards given were the national President Outstanding Scholarship Award, with a message from the President of the USA, read by Principal Evans, a certificate signed by Pres. G.W. Bush and Sec of Ed. Margaret Spelling,. This award goes to students who consistently make the honor roll and alos do well on the NCLB standardized tests. Max's name was called, and along with dozens of his classmates he proudly took to the stage to receive his award.

Next, the school's Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship awards were given to honor roll students. Again, Max is called to the stage.

The academic achievement awards follow. Max, surprised, receives the award for Ouststanding Achievement in Math, and when he is onstage being congratulated by his teachers, he says to his math teacher, "Hey, since almost all of the class is here tonight, how about postponing tomorrow's test?" The teacher say's she'll think about it.

A few awards go by, and Max's name is again called for the award in Latin. Onstage, while shaking hands, he asks the math teacher if she had thought about it, and she said she was still thinking. Max said, "OK, how about if I get called up to this stage one more time you postpone the test?" The teacher agreed to that deal.

And indeed, Max was called to the stage a fifth, and final, time, to receive the award for outstanding achievement in instrument music. This time, he didn't talk with the math teacher.

At the end of the night, after all recipients were acknowledged by the principal, the math teacher makes an annoucement: "Due to student requests, tomorrow's test shall be postponed."

The loudest cheers of the evening were heard, and everyone went home.

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