Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vegas changes...


It seems the skyline of Las Vegas changes every week. New towers rise above the old iconic places, and other buildings disappear. This view is down Sahara Avenue. That seemingly squat brown building is the old Sahara Hotel. The new towers are condos.

This past week, we went to the preview for the auction at The Frontier. There wasn't much to see. The place was tired and dirty, but here are a few snaps:
Last of the Frontier
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Better Times Barbara said...

Hey Roberta...It's MOLLY...or should I say BETTER TIMES BARBARA or better yet...BARBARA HINKEY (STEPHENS) I was pleasantly surprised to find your web on a link. Great photography. I think of you often and the fun time we all had doing THE GAME OF GOLD...I still have the play book. My son, Cork, played Pong Ping and I Molly. Next time I come down that way, I will stop in. Do you still have the resturant & Motel? If so will need a place to stay and to eat and of course visit. In the event you want to chit chat...rivermom@myway.com would love to hear from you...Later...Barbara