Saturday, August 18, 2007

Josh gets to be on Antiques Roadshow!

Last Saturday, we lined up with hundreds of folks to have our treasures identified by the experts from PBS's "Antiques Roadshow"

I brought a "lava" cameo broach, and Josh brought the Woody Guthrie drawings, a gift from Guthrie to Josh's dad.

The appraisers pitch interesting items to the producers and that's how the segments end up on the show, and Josh ended up in makeup.

The appraiser asked Josh if he knew what a Guthrie
autograph was worth.

and then explained that with the drawings,
the value tripled.

The shows will air (in HD for the first time)
beginning in January. Stay tuned!

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kim said...

Wow~ how funny! I want to see it. Were you nervous Josh? Did have any hope or intentions of being picked? Too coll...

Anonymous said...

Opps- I meant cool!