Saturday, January 05, 2008

The River Rose

Check out this shot captured from the webcam this afternoon.

Early this morning, the Kern surged from barely 300 cubic-feet-per-second to over 3000.

Here's the chart from Corps of Engineers hourly report website.
04JAN2008 2100     351
04JAN2008 2200 521
04JAN2008 2300 521
04JAN2008 2400 710
05JAN2008 0100 987
05JAN2008 0200 2444
05JAN2008 0300 2968
05JAN2008 0400 3069
05JAN2008 0500 2912
05JAN2008 0600 2638
Click to enlarge the photo and notice the waterline as the river recedes. In this shot it's running at about 1400cfs, which is about 200cfs more that it PEAKED at last year

Josh says the rain gauge showed nearly two inches of rain. Whoeeee whatta way to begin the new year!

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