Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snowy day in Kernville

Shots captured from the web cams.

I wish we were in Kernville today!

Note the new windows on the barn, which we're starting to think of as the "lodge".


Jessica, Mark & David said...

It looks like a beautiful day to be there.

suntaog said...

Hi Roberta, Josh (whom I haven't met)--It looks like you have the Rieser place! It makes me smile to know someone who really loves the area now lives there. I have yet to introduce my ten-month-old daughter to Bull Run, but as soon as it warms up a bit, we're there.
gordon (worked for the Riesers way back)

Stephen said...

Hey Josh!

I finally remembered I had this link to you after not being able to find a way to communicate for a while.

Looks as though you are prospering in the wilds of Nevada.