Thursday, June 05, 2008

Suddenly She's Bigger!

We've had Fritzi for four weeks on Saturday. And what a long four weeks it has been! Let's see:
  1. Splitting the job of waking up at the crank of dawn every day. Oh, also, at least once in the middle of the night. (Calculate the dog's age in month plus one is the number of hours they can hold their tiny bladders.)
  2. Every day is an exercise in making the house puppy-safe. We've resorted to the not particularly unpleasant practice of spending most of the day out on the patio. (Life can be rough.)
  3. Second week in, Fritzi has a reaction to either her vaccination or to a dose of Amoxicillin, and spends most of Memorial Day weekend totally lethargic. We of course were quite worrried. Off the amoxicillin, and she's just fine by Tuesday. (There's a reason we don't have children).
  4. The evening we get home, Fritzi is exploring the new house, and discovers a possible Tasty Treat on the balcony floor. Oops, it's a bee. Oops, she has a hyperallergic reaction, and her face and muzzle swell all up. Hello, Benedryl; hello Las Vegas Emergency Veterinarian, who are very very good and efficient and give her some more Benedryl and a bit of steroid. We were quite worried. (There's a reason we don't have children.)
  5. Then four days later, Roberta sprains her ankle. Remember that part about splitting the job of waking up in the middle of the night? (There's a reason we don't have children.)
  6. Doggie Oasis, a local doggy day-care place with a very good reputation, quite reasonably won't accept her until she's old enough to have he rabies shot. That's very understandable, but we'd been hoping for a way to get a break. (I need a nap.)

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