Monday, December 15, 2008

More fun in the snow


and slideshow:
Snow in Las Vegas December 2008


Solomon Oh said...

Sweet! Such deep fluffy fun! And out here in Michigan the snow turned to rain and washed all of the snow away, revealing green grass underneath.

This reminds me of the only real snow of my youth, the five days starting January 4th 1974, when we got more than 14 inches that stuck and stayed for many days, long enough to make snowmen and come back to find them violated!

P.S. I do not know why it insists on listing me as Solomon Oh, which is the name I made up for Second Life and once upon a time used for Blogger. In any case, it's Lenadams Dorris...hi!

Roberta said...

I love the name Solomon Oh.

This snow seemed to be an extra special gift, a comp from god, as Josh called it. Everywhere along the road to Red Rock there were folks laughing it up, kids playing, and a sense of good cheer in a rough year.